Activation of the association website in Arabic and English

  1. Implementation of research projects at the international level By utilizing the maximum capacity of professionals in the field of Islamic finance including money market, capital market, insurance and other related areas

  2. Holding Islamic finance courses in the form of MBA and DBA in national and international level in partnership with INCEIF University Malaysia and IRTI Institute affiliated to the Islamic Development Bank along with providing valid certificates

  3. Membership in international institutions and the scientific communities.

  4. Communication with similar international association and Scientific Networking in international level

  5. Collaboration with universities and other international active institutions in the field of Islamic finance

  6. convening international conferences and seminars with the participation of professors of Islamic finance in the international arena.

  7. Preparation for the association and its members attendance in international conferences.

  8. Identifying, assessing and modeling successful experiences in the field of Islamic finance .

  9. Recruiting foreign real and legal persons active in the field of Islamic finance .